Evolution and Christianity

I know this is a gif simulating the big bang, but I feel like the overall message of this applies to the big bang as well.

So, I've been recently studying the compatibility of evolution with the book of Genesis. While I've always believed they were compatible, I never really had much of a reason outside of "well, God created everything, so He had to create the evolutionary process."

While looking at Saint Augustine of Hippo's 'The Literal Meaning of Genesis,' Augustine claims that Genesis was written to be comprehensible to the people of that time, that it was told in a more simple and allegorical manner, which makes more sense. Another interpretation of Genesis which I like is Saint Thomas Aquinas' where he argues that God created things to have potential, which aligns quite well with evolution. Here's a quote:

On the day on which God created the heaven and the earth, He created also every plant of the field, not, indeed, actually, but “before it sprung up in the earth,” that is, potentially...

All things were not distinguished and adorned together, not from a want of power on God’s part, as requiring time in which to work, but that due order might be observed in the instituting of the world.

I find that very sound and enough of an explanation that I could reasonably accept, but then I came across another problem, which was the validity of original sin.

I've personally always believed that we inherited our sins from Adam and Eve, after the fall of man with them eating the fruit. However, if I was to propose that Augustine's and Aquinas' arguments were correct, there is a discrepancy with this.

Now, Eastern Orthodoxy does not have a doctrine on original sin, claiming that sin is merely human nature, which I can concur with. We as humans have a nature to do things independently. With Genesis being an allegory for humans being sinful by nature, by humanity wanting to stray on our own without any care for the results, this makes more sense. However, at the same time, inheriting sin could certainly be true. Think of Y-chromosomal Adam and mitochondrial Eve, the most recent common ancestors of humans. With the Bible's claim of Adam and Eve taking the fruit and creating the fall of man, maybe our sinful nature is inherited. While, of course, they may have not literally taken fruit from a tree and ate it, they may still have sinned by nature and we inherited it as a result of evolution.

Of course, we cannot go back and try to get a first-hand view of the events in Genesis, as well as try to understand the author(s) of Genesis' reasoning and thought behind it. All we can really do is try to understand the Scripture in a way that makes the most sense, whether we agree with the meaning of it or not.

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